Recruiting Education Consulting Services = R.E.C.S.

Employer Services

Whether building a new program, reviewing your programs, or expanding into new business units or geo's....R.E.C.S. can help.

Internships/Cooperative Education

Build your campus pipeline.

If you don't have an internship or co-op program, at some schools you may be missing 50% of eligible students by only targeting students about to or have recently graduated.

Let us help build your brand, create the university targets, and develop an internship that students will be bragging about!!!

Global Leadership and Rotational Programs

build your next generation of leadership.... 

No matter if you target MBA 's in the US, Europe, or beyond or you are targeting specific skill sets, bringing talent in that will be mentored and nurtured by your current leadership will challenging but the rewards are priceless when done correctly. Let us help build the perfect pipeline.

International Students

the right talent in the right place

International students whether you are in the US, UK, Australia, Canada, Europe or beyond can appear outside the reach of many employers. The legal aspects, the required tracking and the ever changing laws can make many employers turn away. Let us help you create the right program, the right way, targeting the right students.